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DMN & your health

Are there any negative side effects of DMN?

DMN is a supplement activated by the gut microbiome, and therefore can cause gas and bloating symptoms in some cases as your body adjusts to taking it. It is Certified Low FODMAP, meaning that it was formulated to cause less gut symptoms than other p

Do I continue taking my regular vitamins with DMN?

The answer to questions of this variety depends heavily on what you're taking, why you're taking it, and your specific health history. For this reason, it is best to review these choices with your healthcare provider to insure that you are making a f

Will DMN help with constipation?

Will DMN help with IBS?

DMN has not been studied specifically within the context of irritable bowel syndrome, but other research indicates that fiber supplements are beneficial in the treatment of IBS (PMID: 25070054). People with IBS may benefit from reduced gut symptoms,

Is DMN safe for people with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) like Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis?

DMN has not been studied specifically within the context of inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. That said, there is evidence (PMID: 33167889) that resistant starch may provide clinical benefit in IBD. DMN may he

Can you take DMN if you have hydrogen- or methane-dominant SIBO?

DMN has not been specifically tested in SIBO. There are very few studies of supplements or other treatments for SIBO at this point, and there's still a huge need for more research. That said, it is expected that DMN is beneficial in the context of SI

Does DMN work with fructose malabsorption or people who have an imbalance of good bacteria?

Fructose intolerance is the result of a sensitivity to fructose, which is a sugar often found in fruits and which is considered a FODMAP. DMN is Certified Low FODMAP. This means that during the certification process it was tested and found to be low

Is DMN suitable for celiac disease?

DMN does not include gluten-containing ingredients and third party testing indicates no contamination and that gluten is not detectable. It is NOT currently certified as gluten free, however. For more detailed information about how DMN can fit into y

Is DMN safe to take with acid reflux?

DMN has not been studied specifically within the context of acid reflux, but there is research to suggest that fiber supplements can be beneficial for acid reflux (PMID: 29881238; 31043918). The esophagus has its own microbiome that is altered to inc

Is DMN beneficial for hemorrhoids or hemorrhoidal bleeding?

DMN has not been specifically tested with hemorrhoids, but research (PMID: 16405552) indicates that fiber significantly improves hemorrhoid symptoms (by 47%) and significantly improves hemorrhoidal bleeding (by 50%). DMN contains ingredients shown to

Will DMN feed the microbes in my small intestine, making SIBO worse?

DMN has not been specifically tested in SIBO. There are very few studies of supplements or other treatments for SIBO at this point, there’s still a huge need for more research. That said, it is expected that DMN is beneficial in the context of SIBO f

Can I take DMN with my probiotic?

It depends on your individual needs, why you’re taking the probiotic, and how the probiotic works. DMN is a prebiotic supplement, which means that it’s action is different than a probiotic, so they absolutely can be taken together. But whether or not

Can I take DMN with other fiber products such as Benefiber, Metamucil and Psyllium Husk?

Absolutely. We know there are many forms of fiber and they have different actions on our gut bugs. That said, DMN does require work from our gut microbes to unlock its benefits, and when introducing DMN it may be preferential to hold other fiber supp

Is DMN safe for thyroid disease? If so, would it interfere with absorption of Synthroid)?

It is best to separate DMN from your thyroid medicine by at least 3 hours. The good news is that DMN can be taken any time of day, so simply establish a daily DMN habit that does not conflict with your thyroid medicine.  For more detailed information

Is DMN safe for those with gastritis?

Yes. For more detailed information about how DMN can fit into your health routine, please check out our comprehensive Product Guide. This additional resource provides valuable insights and additional guidance to help you make the informed decisions a

Is DMN helpful if you have to take antibiotics?

While DMN has not been formally studied in conjunction with antibiotic use, research (PMID: 37620319) indicates that fiber supplementation can help protect the beneficial bacteria during antibiotic treatment. DMN contains ingredients that have been s

Can DMN help with slow bowel transit?

DMN has not studied with bowel transit time specifically but contains ingredients shown to normalize bowel movements and improve mild constipation. In cases of moderate or severe constipation it may be necessary to address the constipation with your

Will DMN help with bloating issues?

Are there any contra-indications with any other supplements or Rx meds?

DMN is functionally similar to other fiber supplements. There are no specific contraindications that are necessary for a general population, but for individual needs and specific questions it is best to check with your healthcare provider. In most ca

Is DMN safe for people with nut allergies?

DMN has been tested and has no detectable amount of peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia, or cashews.

Can you take DMN if you are following a low histamine diet?

If you are following a low histamine diet and attempting to make a diagnosis of histamine intolerance, it is best to not use DMN while trying to determine whether or not you have histamine intolerance. DMN contains an ingredient that has been shown t

Will DMN help with diarrhea?

Generally DMN helps to normalize stool, meaning regardless of whether you start with diarrhea or constipation it would help you to get regular and have normal form. We recommend starting very slowly at 1/2 teaspoon (or less) per day for a week and wo

Does DMN have an impact on glucose?

DMN definitely would not increase your A1c. If anything, as a prebiotic fiber product we would expect it to improve it. Blood sugar control is a complex thing that is highly context dependent, meaning that it’s not just what you eat but it’s also a n

What is the oxalate content in DMN?

Every batch of DMN is tested for oxalates. The amount varies, as would be expected with a product where the ingredients are harvested from plants and dependent on the conditions in which the plants grow, such as the season. For a person with oxalate